Business Setup Questionnaire

a. What is the primary goal or purpose of your business in Dubai?

b. What specific activities or services will your business be engaged in?

c. Do you plan to conduct trading, manufacturing, services, or consulting?

a. Are you the sole owner of the business, or do you have partners or shareholders?

b. Are you open to having local partners if required in certain business structures?

c. Are you looking for 100% foreign ownership, or are you willing to consider partial local ownership?

a. Do you plan to serve the local UAE market, international markets, or both?

b. Are you looking to establish a physical presence to cater to local customers?

c. Is your business model primarily online or e-commerce-based?

a. Are you aware of the specific regulations and licensing requirements related to your industry or business activities in Dubai?

b. Have you reviewed the differences in regulations between mainland, free zone, and offshore company options?

a. Have you considered the tax implications of your business structure, including corporate tax, VAT, and customs duties?

b. Are you looking to benefit from tax incentives offered by certain free zones or offshore jurisdictions?

a. How important is flexibility in terms of business operations and ownership structure to you?

b. Are you open to complying with additional regulatory requirements if it means certain benefits, such as 100% foreign ownership?

a. Do you require a physical office or presence in Dubai, or are virtual offices sufficient?

b. Does the location of your business within Dubai matter significantly for your operations or clientele?

a. What is your budget for establishing and operating the business in Dubai?

b. Have you considered the cost differences between mainland, free zone, offshore, and AMC holding company options?

a. Do you have plans for future business expansion or diversification in Dubai or other regions?

b. How does your choice of business structure align with your long-term growth strategies?

a. Have you sought advice from legal or business consultants with expertise in Dubai’s business environment?

b. Are you open to receiving professional guidance in making your decision?

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